Rug Artisan

Rug Artisan is an unconventional brand designed to create bespoke rugs for the crème de la crème. Our designs are a fusion of contemporary art and inimitable style brought to life by rug artisans with a highly specialised skill set. Every custom rug is a unique work of art, designed and created punctiliously with the greatest care possible. Our aim is to provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of independence in designing, choosing colour combinations, and materials for their custom rugs, and bringing to life what once was a mere idea.

Production of Handmade Custom Rugs

Rug Artisan specialises in handmade rugs. Our custom rugs are carefully crafted to bring out the custom rug design chosen by you. Depending on the rug type - wool rugs or silk rugs, the respective raw material is cleaned, carded and spun into yarns. This spun yarn of wool or silk is now dyed as per the colours specified in your custom rug design.

Meanwhile our graph designer gets to work creating a graph of your custom rug. This graph is then printed and used as a reference by the weavers, the coloured squares on the graph coinciding with the tufts or knots of the handmade rug. The dyed and dried yarn is then sent to be loomed where based on the custom rug type, it is hand knotted, hand tufted or woven into a flatweave. Care is taken regarding the shape of the custom rug, designs for rectangle rugs, square rugs, round rugs, oval rugs and runners are normally woven accordingly. On completion, the rug is cut out into the desired shape.

Once the weaving is complete, these unfinished handmade rugs go into finishing where various processes are involved such as washing, backing, cleaning, trimming and carving. After finishing all our custom rugs are binded from the sides ensuring no loose ends and neat finished sides. Your custom designer rug is now ready to be despatched.

Research & Design

Research is the byword at Rug Artisan. From the design, to the raw materials, the weaving techniques, the finished goods, the packing, the delivery, every single aspect of the entire process that goes into creating a custom rug has been scrupulously researched in order to present our clients with a bespoke service par excellence.

Our team of rug designers, meticulously hand-picked, are a formidable crew. Brimming with fresh, ideas and innovations, they are the driving force behind our extensive design library. Working in tandem with our manufacturing unit, they relentlessly experiment on viable new design concepts and development plans.

Every custom rug design present in our extensive design library has hours of hard work behind it. Work starts from the concept of the designs, brain storming sessions are held with the designers to bring across innovative new design concepts. The designs once created undergo rigorous processing to bring about the desired effect. Our modern designer custom rug collection offers diverse options ranging from floral rugs to oriental rugs, contemporary rugs, abstract rugs and even a collection of peppy kids rugs.

We at Rug Artisan strive to create a singular experience for our users to choose and design your own rug.