At Rug Artisan, we offer a range of exclusive modern designer rugs, entirely handmade with great precision and a skill naturally acquired through generations of rug artisans. Our weavers boast of a workmanship that is part of their genes, an art that has been passed down over centuries from generation to generation. An amalgamation of an age old skill and a custom rug design bringing to life handmade rugs you will be proud to own.

The Custom

Our hand knotted custom rugs are made in Nepal, each knot bringing to life an age old tradition. The mastery of these skilled rug artisans is unsurpassed and with every twist of their fingers they grow closer to completing a legacy - an exclusive personalised handmade rug. Each handmade rug goes through a number of stipulated processes during its production process. Every process requires extreme care and supervision. To read more about the journey of a hand knotted custom rug click here.

Our Artisans
Our Artisans

Rug making in India dates back to the Mughal era. During the reign of Emperor Akbar, the rug making industry flourished. The skill has been passed down within families for years and the industry flourishes on. With the advent of technology new designs and processes have entered the system, however the weaving process is retained in its original form. Our skilful rug artisans are adept at weaving all types of custom rug designs ranging from custom floral rugs to vintage rugs.

From the welfare of the weavers to ensuring a healthy and happy working environment for them, we at Rug Artisan take particular interest in all aspects that benefit our esteemed custom rug artisans. We believe in the benefits trickling down to the grass root level, the bedrock of the organization.

Our Artisans