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1. What is unique about Rug Artisan Rugs?

Our rugs are entirely bespoke. From the design, to the colour and right down to the material used, everything is customisable. Not only is it all custom made, you can also see a digital representation of how your rug will look.

2. Who are your designers?

Our team of rug designers, meticulously hand-picked, are a formidable crew. Brimming with fresh, ideas and innovations, they are the driving force behind our extensive design library. Working in tandem with our manufacturing unit, they relentlessly experiment on viable new design concepts and development plans.

3. What yarns do you use?

We offer our customers a number of choices in yarns, ranging from Bikaner Wool, Tibetan Wool and New Zealand Wool to Pure Silk and Bamboo Silk. Find more details on our yarns here.

4. Why is Tibetan Wool considered better than Pure Wool?

Tibetan wool is considered one of the most beautiful and robust qualities of wool. It retains its natural characteristics since no chemical treatment is used in its sourcing. It is extremely dense, soft and strong at the same time.

5. Why Pure New Zealand wool is considered premium quality?

Apart from having a luxurious and soft feel, New Zealand wool is 100% natural and renewable. It is whiter with a higher lustre than other wools, which allows more shades of colours to be dyed like clean pastel shades and deeper blacks. It makes lighter shades more achievable.

6. What is your ethical trading policy?

We are a GoodWeave certified company, ensuring no child labour is used. Read more about it here.

7. How do you deter child labour in carpet industry?

Rug Artisan is a GoodWeave certified company. All our handmade rugs are responsibly sourced. We only deal with suppliers who understand our high quality standards and are GoodWeave certified. GoodWeave is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to ensuring that no child labour is used from the production to the sale. A pioneer in promoting ethical production the GoodWeave label is a sure sign that absolutely no child labour was used in any part of the production process of your personalised rugs.

8. How do you make hand tufted rugs?

The hand tufting technique resembles handcrafted embroidery where in a pattern is traced on to a cloth and the thread work follows. Hand tufted rugs are created by looping the yarn through a sheeted cloth material, stretched on a frame on which the pattern has been printed. The yarn is looped through with the help of a hand operated tool.

9. What is the difference between Handmade tufted, Handmade Knotted, Handmade Flatweave?

The difference between Handmade tufted, Handmade Knotted and Handmade Flatweave mainly lies in the weaving technique. Knotted rugs are generally the most detailed and hence take more time since every knot is tied by hand. The Tufted rugs consist of tufts looped through a cloth using a hand operated tool, while the flatweave rugs, the knots are tied in continuous loops. Read up more about these weaving types here.

1. Why I need a rug?

A room without a rug seems bare and dreary. A rug adds life to the room, moreover with Rug Artisan you can have a rug that can coordinate with your interiors in terms of design and colour, adding a new identity to the room.

2. What rug size should I buy?

The rug size depends on the size of your room and the placement of your furniture. It should be a carefully thought out decision taking into account various factors. We have a detailed size and fitting guide with some handy pointers to help you in deciding the size of your rug.

3. How should I measure the rug size?

Start out with a measuring tape and take into account the area where you want to place your rug, making sure there is nothing that may affect how your rug will lay out. For rooms with furniture ensure that the furniture would be all on the rug so it doesn’t get wobbly. Read here for more details on how to measure rugs for different room types.

4. What shape will be suitable?

The shape of your rug will depend on which room the rug is for. Runners are ideal for hallways and passageways. Dining rooms and living rooms with large areas will be suitable for rectangle rugs. In some places an oval rug may go well in the dining room or living rooms. Small sitting areas may have square or round rugs, if you have a round coffee table a round rug would complement it. Round rugs would also go well in a nursery or a children’s room.

5. How can I see your product?

We have small samples of 10cmX10cm of all the materials which are available on request at minimal price which will be reimbursed against the order.

6. What Pile height should I choose?

High traffic areas like hallways and kitchen should have a low pile, as it would be easier to maintain. High pile rugs would be ideal for bedrooms where you would want a plush rug to sink your feet into. Dining rooms and living areas can have a medium or high pile rug depending on your preference.

7. Are your rugs well bound from edges?

Yes, we ensure that all our rugs are well bound from the edges with no loose threads coming out from anywhere.

8. Why handmade rugs are exclusive?

Every handmade rug is unique in terms of quality, colour and weaving type. Apart from having the value of a handcrafted product over a machine made one, handmade rugs are also known to have a long life.

9. Can I personalise my rug?

Rug Artisan is all about personalising. Choose from our extensive design library and we help you personalise everything from the colours to the shape, from the yarn to the weaving type. Read more about it here.

10. Can I change colours in my rug?

Yes, you can choose any colour from our colour library and see how it looks in a design of your choice.

11. Can I customize materials in the design?

Yes, you can customize your rug in two kinds of yarn – wool and silk.

12. Can I get my own design made?

Yes, you can get your own design made. If you have a design or a concept in mind, we will put it across to our designers and they will create your design and render it into a rug to give you a digital representation. Read up about this Bespoke service here.

13. How will my chosen design look in my bespoke size?

Once you place the order we will send a graph of the design in your bespoke size for you to approve. We will not proceed further till you are satisfied with the graph.

14. Why you don’t hold any stock of rugs?

Since we are a completely bespoke rug company we do not hold stocks. All our rugs are custom made, every rug is different and unique in its construction. Hence we do not hold any stocks.

1. Why should I buy custom rug?

Custom rugs give you the flexibility to choose designs according to your interiors and as per colour combinations required by you. You can also get your custom rug made according to your exact dimensions.

2. What all type of rugs you can customise?

All our rugs are customisable.

3. How many shapes of rugs do you make?

We do 5 rug shapes – Rectangle, Circle, Oval, Square and Runner.

4. Do you make wall to wall carpets?

Yes. Please use our bespoke service to give your requirements or call us for more information.

1. What is a rug designer at call service?

Our rug designer at call service enables you to put across your unique rug ideas to our designers and they will create the design for you and send you a digital representation of how your design will look as a rug. Please note we do NOT copy any one’s designs.

2. Can your rug designer match interiors of my place?

Yes, send us an image and describe what kind of rug you want using our bespoke form and our designers will present you with an artwork which will be finalised based on your confirmations.

3. Is there any charge for rug designer’s service?

No, our rug designer’s service is free of charge.

4. How much time do you take to get bespoke designs ready?

The timelines vary depending on the quality, material and size of the rug as well as the complexity of the design. Please contact us to get a more accurate estimation of timelines.

1. Will I see a price before checkout?

Yes, the price will be visible to you at all times. On our customisation page, you can see the price and how your different selections affect the change in price.

2. How can I change my order?

To change your order please email us at or give us a call at 0116 3656 121.

3. I am confused with materials.

We offer three types of wool – Indian wool, Tibetan wool and New Zealand wool and two types of silk – Bamboo silk and Pure silk.

4. How long will it take to make my rug?

A standard size hand tufted rug will take 5 weeks onwards to deliver, hand knotted will take 8 weeks onwards to deliver and flatweave will take 5 weeks onwards to deliver. However, delivery timelines may vary based on rug type, material and size of the rug as well as the complexity of the design.

5. What happens after I have placed an order?

After you place your order you will receive an order confirmation email. Once your rug is dispatched you will receive an email with tracking details.

1. I am at checkout page, it says free delivery?

Yes all our rug are delivered free of charge.

2. What is your data protection policy?

We are fully ICO compliant under Data Protection Act and GDPR. Please read more about it here.

3. Are you registered with Information commissioner office for data protection compliance?

Yes, we are.

4. Can I do a bank transfer?

Yes, we do accept bank transfers. For more details please contact us.

1. How long will my delivery take?

Estimated delivery times are shown on the product page of each rug. However these may vary based on design, size and rug type. Please contact us for more accurate times for your order.

2. How will I know when my delivery will arrive?

Once we despatch your order we will send you a tracking number to track your order. You can see when your order will be delivered to you.

3. Status shows despatched but I am unable to track it?

Please give 24 hours before tracking the order. In some cases the status is not updated in the system before 24 hours.

4. What happens if I miss the delivery?

On the off chance that you are not at home to receive your delivery, our courier will leave a note for you to rearrange the delivery at your convenience.

5. Is it possible to leave my order with my neighbour?

If you are unavailable our couriers will try to leave your order with the neighbours. If you would prefer the order not be delivered to the neighbours, please specify beforehand while placing the order.

6. Do I need to sign for the delivery?

Yes, you are expected to check the rug for any signs of damage and then sign for the delivery. If the rug seems damaged from the outside please do not sign for it. If the rug is damaged and signed for by you, we will not be responsible for the damage.

7. Can my rugs be left on the porch?

We would request you to inform us beforehand if you need the rugs left on your porch or elsewhere so we can forward the request to our freight forwarders. Since you need to sign for the deliveries, we would request you to leave a signed note in the place where you expect your delivery to be left.

8. What do I do if my rug is damaged?

Please contact us immediately in case of damaged rugs and we will sort it out as soon as possible.